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Terra Kit: Beginner Gemstone Collector Kit
(No Tools Version)

Got tools?     Many customers have asked for a "no tools" version of the Terra Kit because they have already purchased tools from Jewelry Television, EBay or a trade show.

This "no tools" version of the Terra Kit assumes the user has gemstone tweezers, a millimeter gem gauge (caliper), 10x loupe/magnifier, and a lint-free polishing cloth. A gemstone holder (3- or 4- prong) is also recommended. (In a pinch, you can substitute a strong magnifying glass, a ruler marked with millimeters, and your fingers!)

See also the full version of the Terra Kit.

Terra Kit Gemstone collector kit (no tools version)
NOW introductory priced at only $27.99

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Terra Kit (No tools version) includes:

  • Full-color 30 page Terra Kit Gemstone Collector Guide
    NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! This guide will take you quickly from beginner to intermediate level.

  • Four natural gemstones: blue topaz, garnet, cultured freshwater pearl, peridot

  • [Note: the peridot is marked with which inclusion(s) you will find which may include: crystal, feather, fracture, veil, AND/OR surface characteristics such as chips on facet junctions or girdle chips.]

  • Six acrylic gem jars

  • Sheet of 12 labels for gem jars

  • Small samples of gem minerals: citrine, peridot and topaz

  • Glass gemstone simulant (learn to distinguish between a genuine gem and glass simulant)

  • Full-color 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" print of forty-nine collectible gemstones

  • Gemstone Triva Quiz

  • Access information for the Terra Gift Stones Customers only Web site with free gem images for downloading and regularly updated pages on gemstone collecting

The Terra Kit shows:

Exotic gemstones
Gemstone shapes and cuts

How to use tools to handle, measure and view gems

How to label and safely store gemstones

Difference between treated and untreated gems

How to recognize crystal and feather inclusions in a gem

Relationship between rock, mineral, gem, crystal

What makes a red gemstone red

How to detect a fake glass gemstone

What is "Refractive Index" and why does it matter?

What is the Moh's scale of hardness and why does it matter?

Gemstone classification: groups, species and varieties

History of gemstones for decorative use

Lore on healing and spiritual properties of gemstones

Why people collect gems

Where to learn more about gems and gemology

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