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Terra's Birthstone Gift Sets

Ever wondered about your birthstone?

What does it mean?

Why is it collectible?

Who decides on official birthstones?

Introducing Terra Gift Stones' original line of birthstone gift sets featuring a genuine, natural birthstone in an acrylic gem jar, a sample of uncut, unpolished mineral rough, and a full-color booklet describing your birthstone.

January / Rhodolite garnet | February / Amethyst | March / Aquamarine | April / Diamond | May / Emerald | June / Mabe pearl |
July / Ruby | August / Peridot | September / Sapphire | October / Precious opal | November / Citrine | December / Sleeping Beauty turquoise

rhodolite and crystals January birthstone: Rhodolite garnet

There are nine species of garnet that are used as gemstones and they come in every color except blue. Rhodolite garnets range from a bright magenta to a pinkish- or purplish-red.

Garnets have been used as gemstones for thousands of years. They have been long believed to have magical powers of protection for those who wear them.

Your Rhodolite garnet gift set features either an 8 x 6 mm oval or 7mm round raspberry colored rhodolite garnet, a sample of rhodolite uncut and unpolished rough, and a full-color booklet.

Introductory price: $12.99   

What to expect: As with many garnets, there will be dark areas when viewed face up. However, unlike lower quality gemstones, each rhodolite will have brilliance, or light reflecting back making the gemstone sparkle. The gemstone will look red, but will turn pinkish-red with light.

amethyst with crystal February birthstone: Amethyst

Amethysts have been treasured since the time of the first Egyptian pharaoh who wore them in a bracelet. In the 20th century, Cartier featured amethysts with diamonds in a necklace designed for the Duchess of Windsor.

Your Amethyst gift set features an 8 x 6 mm emerald cut amethyst, an uncut and unpolished amethyst crystal, and a full-color booklet.

Introductory price: $12.99   

What to expect: A gem quality medium to dark purple gemstone, that is clean and has no significant windowing (colorless area in the center).

aquamarine and crystal March birthstone: Aquamarine

The name "aquamarine" means sea water. In gemstone lore, the soft greenish-blue hues of aquamarine are thought to bring a sense of peace and calm.

Your Aquamarine gift set features a 7 x 5 mm emerald cut -OR- a 6mm trillion aquamarine, an uncut and unpolished piece of aquamarine, and a full-color booklet.

Introductory price: : $12.99   

What to expect: The gemstone will be the very pale blue color typical of aquamarine, but it will be definitely blue. Gemstones are clean to the naked eye, but most have inclusions (dark spots) easily seen under magnification. The aquas are also slightly smaller than other Terra birthstones because it is a more expensive gemstone.

mabe and stick pearls June birthstone: Mabe Pearl

Pearls have been used as gemstones for 4,000 years, but mabe pearls have only been around for a century. They are cultured by inserting a nucleus into a mollusk and then assembled by attaching a mother of pearl backing. Mabe pearls can be very large, up 25mm or more, and are highly valued for earrings and pendants.

Pearls have been associated with finding wisdom. It is said that wearing or carrying a pearl will help one to see the truth in themselves and in others.

Your Mabe pearl gift set features a 9.5-10mm round mabe pearl with natural color, undyed color (white, cream, gray, pink), a cultured stick pearl, and a full-color booklet.

Introductory price: $12.99   

ruby and rough July birthstone: Ruby

Introductory price: $12.99   
will ship 2-3 days after order is placed

What to expect: By the standards of a ruby, these are huge gemstones in size. However they are too pinkish in hue (especially in direct light) to be considered gem quality. They are tranparent or translucent (light shines through them) and have eye visible inclusions including crystals, feathers and color zoning. If this same gemstone were red and eye clean, the retail price would begin at $5,000 per gemstone. Many rubies on the market today are lab created or altered by treatments, so these gemstones are collectible because they provide the opportunity to study a ruby's natural characteristics.

peridot August birthstone: Peridot

Peridots have a rich and varied history. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was famous for her beautiful peridot jewelry in the time of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

Today the most valued peridots are the ones that came from outer space in meteors that have struck the Earth.

Your Peridot gift set features an 8 x 6 mm oval peridot (approx. ? cts.), an uncut and unpolished piece of peridot rough, and a full-color booklet.

Introductory price: $12.99   

What to expect: a 9x6 pear shape, 7mm round, or 8x6 oval peridot with good color and clarity (no eye visible inclusions).

sapphire and rough September birthstone: Midnight blue sapphire

Although most people think of a sapphire as a blue gemstone, fancy colored sapphires come in every color except red.

Sapphires, rubies and emeralds form the “big three,” the most sought after colored gemstones in the retail world. However, good quality sapphires that are a carat in size or larger are rare and expensive. That is why many sapphires on the market are the more affordable “midnight blue” color that is used here, synthetic sapphires created in the laboratory, or clusters of tiny stones called melée.

Introductory price: $12.99   

What to expect: This gemstone is what is known in the jewelry trade as "midnight blue" sapphire which means it is such a dark blue that it appears almost black. It is semi-translucent to opaque which means that very little light shines through it. Midnight blue sapphires are what is used in most silver jewelry and lower-priced gold jewelry. If this same gemstone was blueberry blue and mostly transparent, the retail price would be $1,000 and up.

opal and rough October birthstone: Opal

Not all opals are white! Mexican and Brazilian fire opals come in a transparent red, orange or yellow. Peruvian opals may be light blue or pink.

Introductory price: $12.99   
will ship 2-3 days after order is placed

What to expect: The gemstone will be a precious white opal from Australia. It will be a cabochon cut as an 8x5mm pear or a 8x6mm or 9x7mm oval. It will be white with some play of color easily seen in light.

citrine and rough November birthstone: Citrine

In the ninetheenth century, Queen Victoria popularized the use of citrine that was mined in the Cairngorn Mountains of Scotland in kilt pins, brooches and in the hilts of knives.

Wearing or carrying citrine is said to attract all types of prosperity. Putting a piece of citrine in your wallet is thought to attract money.

Introductory price: $12.99   

What to expect: A gem quality orangeish-yellow to orange gemstone with even color, that is clean and has no significant windowing (colorless area in the center).

turquoise and rough December birthstone: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

This is a top gem quality piece of turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona. Although turquoise is often associated with Native Americans, it is also the national gemstone of Iran, and was greatly valued by the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs.

Your Sleeping Beauty turquoise gift set features an 8 x 6 mm oval turquoise cabochon, an uncut and unpolished piece of turquoise rough, and a full-color booklet.

Introductory price: $12.99   

What to expect: A beautiful even colored blue, often called "robin's egg blue." There will be no visible black veining or matrix rock. This gemtone has NOT been treated other than an electrical current to stabilize the color (otherwise the color turns a year after mining). Much of the turquoise on the market is dyed, injected with a paraffin or even crushed into a powder and formed into a gemstone using plastic. The turquoise in your kit is top gem quality and easily worth 4-6 times more than green, veined, or heavily treated turquoise.

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