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Gemstone Identification Kits
(Beginner to Advanced Collectors)

Don't be disappointed! There is NO SINGLE tool available that can be used to identify all gemstones.

Terra provides a line of gemstone identification kits specifically designed for the needs of collectors. Each kit comes with a color guide that demonstrates step-by-step how to use equipment and what the user will be seeing at each step.

Each kit also includes strategy for how to best the gemological tool and when false readings might happen.

Polariscope Gemstone Identification Kit

Learn how a polariscope works and how it is used for gemstone identification.

(see also the Activity Kit and Gemstone Detective Add-ons for those who already have a polariscope - $9.99-$24.99)


$64.99 Sold out
Thermal Conductivity Gemstone Identification Kit

The Presidium® Gem Tester for colored gemstones and diamonds is the EASIEST gemology tool to use. Simply touch the heated tip to a gem and the needle on the gauge will point to its species.

Every gem mineral species conducts heat at a different rate. Learn when and how to use a thermal tester for gemstone identification.


out of stock $239.00
Specific Gravity Balance gemstone identification kit

Every gemstone mineral species has a different density also known as its specific gravity (SG). The Specific Gravity balance measures the SG of a gemstone. Then use a chart to determine the species. For example, sapphire is 4.0, quartz is 2.7.

MORE Info coming soon

out of stock
Refractometer Gemstone Identification Activity Kit

Learn how a refractometer works and how it is used for gemstone identification.


Refractometer, monochromatic light source, activity kit - $245.00 out of stock

Refractometer activity kit only - $19.99
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