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Presidium Gem TesterTM
Thermal Conductivity Gemstone Identification Kit

Touch the thermal probe to a gemstone and watch the needle point to its name on the gauge.

Identify diamonds AND colored gemstones.


When a hot thermal probe is touched to one side of a gemstone, how fast does the heat transfer to the other side?

This is thermal conductivity and it can vary for different gemstone species.

The gem gauge identifies: diamond, aquamarine , amethyst, citrine, crysoprase (including all chalcedony quartz), emerald, garnet, glass, jadeite, iolite, rubby, sapphire, spinel, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline

With Terra's step-by-step illustrated guide you will learn:

  • What is thermal conductivity and how is it used to identify gemstones.

  • How to test loose gemstones.

  • How to test gemstones in settings.

  • Hows to test clusters of tiny 1-3mm gemstones.

  • A list of gemstones not on the gauge and how they measure using the thermal probe.

NOTE: There is no SINGLE tool that can identify all gemstones. The Presidum Gem Tester should be used in conjunction with other gem identification tools, books and training for positive gemstone identification.

Kit contents: The Presidium Gem TesterTM comes with batteries, AC adapter, leatheretter travel case, plastic storage box. Also included in the kit are a white polymer tray for holding loose gemstones, a 10x8mm oval white topaz, a full color instruction booklet.

Presidium Gem TesterTM Kit: $239.00   
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