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Gem identification kits
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Gemstone Collector Kits
(Beginner and Intermediate)

Why we're different: Many companies sell gemstones and tools. ONLY Terra provides collectors with carefully crafted color guides to expand their understanding of gemology.

This adds significant production costs for the full-color printing, photography, computer drawing, research and writing by a certified MasterValuer®, design, lay-out and editing. We think our customers are worth it!

Terra Kit: Gemstone Collector Beginner Kit

Everything you need to get started collecting gemstones. MORE Info

Only $49.99
Upgrade version: With professional
BelOMO 21mm triplet loupe
only $64.99 - out of stock  
No tools version New!
only $27.99  
Polariscope Gemstone Identification Kit

Learn how a polariscope works and how it is used for gemstone identification.

(see also the Activity Kit and Gemstone Detective Add-ons for those who already have a polariscope - $9.99-$24.99)


$64.99 Sold out
Understanding Round Gemstone Cuts

Use a proven learning technique to draw the facets of the round gemstone cuts used for diamonds and colored gemstones.


GEMSTONE Identification: Amber, Testing for Real and Artificial Amber

How can you tell if your amber is the real thing? Learn to detect authentic amber like a pro!  


Asterism: Black star sapphire & black star diopside

Use genuine star stones to learn about the optical phenomenon called asterism.


Lapis Lazuli, the gemmy, the commercial & the dyed

Learn to test for a dyed gemstone and about gemstone quality.


Gemstone Coating: Natural and Treated Topaz

Learn the treatment process that turns a colorless natural topaz into mystic fire or pink topaz.
(Several gemstone options: $17.99-$21.99)


Drusy Crystal Habit: Drusy Quartz
With optional add-on of Uvarovite garnet drusy specimen

Drusy is not a gemstone, but a type of crystal growth. Learn about the tiny six-sixed crystals in drusy quartz.



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