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Terra Test
of Information Management Proficiency

One of the greatest challenges in any new endeavor is "when you don't know what you don't know."

Do you know all you need to know to set up an information management project?

To find out, take the Terra Test.

If you can't answer the questions below then we think that Terra Consulting can help you!

Terra Test covers

  1. Do you know the best technology for scanning bound books and reports? (Hint: it does not involve smashing the book upside down against a flatbed scanner!)

  2. Do you know the pixels, dpi, and formats to be used for serving images? for archiving?

  3. Do you know that you should calibrate your monitor before scanning any type of color content?

  4. Do you know when an object should be photographed using medium format film instead of 35mm or a digital camera?

  5. Is PDF an archival format?

  6. Do you know the difference between "open source," "open standard" and "industry standard?"

  7. Do you know the difference between a document management system, an image management system, a library management system, a records management system, and a digital library?

  8. Do you know why your system should support XML, SOAP Messaging, and possibly ANSI Z39.50?

  9. Do you know the difference between an XML-like file (XML tags and xml file extension) and a real XML file? (Many vendors don't and incorrectly represent their products.)

  10. Do you know the name of the ONLY software package available that enables the management and one-stop searching of all the metdata standards typically used by government and educational institutions (MARC, Dublin Core, FGDC)?

  11. Do you know why Google (and other Web search engines) does not include at least 60% of the most useful information available on the Web?

  12. Do you know which Web search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) will use meta tags to index your Web pages?

  13. Do you know the difference between using a Web search engine to index your content and a metadata/information management system?

  14. Are you allowed to ignore U.S. Copyright Law if you are only publishing to an Intranet site?

  15. Do you need a "model release form" to publish to the Web images of employees, former employees, and/or visitors to your agency/campus?

  16. Do you know the OMB Circular 130A requirements for metadata creation and management?

  17. Do you know that contractors automatically retain the copyright for all work such as taking pictures or writing reports? ... unless the contract says otherwise?

  18. Do you know what standards are required for the federally mandated Geospatial One Stop?

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