Past programs


Caption: Samples of ancient Roman finger rings- from Jan 24, 2018 program

Caption: Samples of “Quirky / Cool / and Unexpectedly Valuable Costume Jewelry” - Robin Weber, President of BillyTheTree.com - from Oct. 25, 2017 program

Caption: Using a neodymium magnet to separate hessonite garnet and madeira citrine. Lab from Jan. 11, 2017 program.

Caption: Using methyline iodide as a heavy liquid to test parcel of small sapphires. Gems that floated to the top had low density and therefore were fakes. Lab from April 27, 2016 program.

Caption: Participants in the Jan. 20, 2016 program on garnets. Front and center is the speaker Paul Silagi (G.G.).

Caption: Left. Testing electromagnetic properties of amber. Right. Dominican amber fluorescing blue-green under LW Ultraviolet light. Experiments from program on Oct. 14, 2015.

Tampa Bay Gem and Jewelry Society
Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida