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The Tampa Bay Gem & Jewelry Society is an organization for professionals and hobbyists who work with gems and fine jewelry. Our members come from the Tampa-St. Petersburg area on the west coast of Florida.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019
6:00-8:00 pm
John F. Germany Library
900 N. Ashley Dr., Tampa, FL 33602

"The Brilliant, The Ingenious, and The Downright Stupid:
Jewelry Heists Throughout History”

Robin Weber, President, BillyTheTree.com

Jewelry and gemstones have the ability to exude a near magical attraction for many, and have commanded high value throughout history, tempting crooks and crazed collectors to devise all sorts of intricate, brilliant, and, well...stupid plans to pull off the ultimate heist.

To what lengths did they go? Did they succeed? What lessons were learned, and what does it teach us about the inextricable links between jewelry and people?"

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Upcoming Programs: April, July and October 2019

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