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Kass Evans Kass Evans
Information Technology Consultant

Selected Accomplishments

Kass Evans has over 15 years of experience facilitating information technology projects for business, government and universities.

Please also see my home page and list of resume.

Kass Evans Accomplishments
Metadata and Taxonomy
  • Created thousands of metadata records using MARC, Dublin Core and other metadata standards.

  • Mapped metadata elements between different systems, then exported/imported them as XML records

  • Configured Blue Angel Harvester software to Web crawl over 70 Web sites using XML templates to generate enhanced metadata

  • Developed hierarchical taxonomy for a subject thesaurus that covered science, history and architecture

Technical Writing

  • Wrote user manuals on how to create metadata records and conducted training sessions

  • Drafted the Five year technology plan for one of the largest colleges in the U.S.

Web Content Management

  • Developed imaging standards including archiving for different formats based on national best practices

  • Researched and developed policy guidelines covering copyright, privacy, and sensitive information

  • Developed the technical specifications and foundation for a browseable subject thesaurus integrated with a search engine and data entry modules

System Analysis / Design

  • Designed and and led teams that built three different digital resource management systems

  • Designed and led teams that built four portal systems for one-stop searching across multiple metadata standards using harvester, ANSI Z39.50, SOAP Messaging, and other XML technologies

Project Management

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