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Gemstone collector mini-kit:
What is Asterism? Black star sapphire & black star diopside


Find the Sapphire!

On the left are five black star gemstones, but only one is a sapphire.

How can you tell which one?


Star stones have been treasured as good luck talismans for centuries.

In this mini-kit you will use an 8x6mm black star sapphire and an 8x6mm black star diopside to learn about the the optical phenomenon known as asterism and how to use the star to identify gemstones and/or determine their quality.

With Terra's easy-to-follow, illustrated guide you will learn:

  • What is asterism (the star effect)? What causes it?

  • Which gemstones exhibit asterism?

  • Why do some stars have 4 rays & some 6 rays?

  • How do you know a good star stone when you see one?

  • & learn the history, lore and appreciation of star stones

Kit contents: Kit includes: one 8x6mm oval black star sapphire (range between 2-3 carats), one 8x6mm oval black star diopside (range between 1.30-1.70 carats) and a full color booklet.

Dimensions: 6 3/4" x 5" x 1" (2 ounces)

A Terra original: $21.99   

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