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Terra Gift StonesTM Gemstone Profiles:

Chrome diopside


is not always


The beautiful natural green color of chrome diopside is best seen in the smaller gemstones. As the gemstone gets larger, the green color becomes increasingly saturated making the gemstone appear more black than green.

Chrome diopside has been nicknamed the "Russian emerald."

With Terra's easy-to-follow, illustrated guide you will learn:

  • What makes chrome diopside collectible?

  • How does it compare to an emerald?

  • What are the other diopside gemstone varieties?

  • What is its spiritual lore? And more!

Kit contents: one 7x5mm oval chrome diopside, natural and untreated (weight is approx. 0.70 carats) and 6 page full-color booklet.

Box dimensions: 6 3/4" x 5" x 1" (2 ounces)

A Terra original: $27.99   

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