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Finding 19th Century Florida Records
For Biographical, Genealogical, and Other Historical Research

by Katherine G. Evans

"Why can't I find his death certificate?"

"What records show a woman's maiden name?"

"Where else can I look?"

Only about half of all of the surviving records for nineteenth century Floridians can be found through one of the popular genealogy databases.

This handbook provides a comprehensive review of what types of historical records may be available for someone who lived in Florida in the nineteenth century. Using examples of actual records, the book shows what information can be found on each. This is followed by instructions on how to obtain the record in print, microfilm, and/or online.

The anticipated users of the book with be genealogists, biographers, historicans, and college and high school students who are seeking primary source material. In this book you with find:

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African American Records
Agricultural census
Cemetery records
Census, Federal & State
Church records
City directories
County borders
Death notices, obituaries
Family Bibles
Immigration records
Jury/court records
Land patents/deeds
Marks and brands
Marriage records
Military returns (forts)
Military service records
Naming patterns
Native American records
Naturalization records
Online mappy systems
Photo archives
Physician's license
PLSS maps
Slave records
Social Sercurity Application
Spanish Florida archives
Spanish land grants
Taxes, federal & local
Territorial papers
Voter lists
Will and probate

Finding 19th Century Florida Records: for Biographical, Genealogical, and Other Historical Research
Katherine G. Evans
Brandon, Fla.: Terra Expressions, 2014
285 p. : 175 images (records, photos, maps, tables) ; 25 cm. (10" x 8")
Weight: 1 lb, 10 oz
ISBN: 978-1-941790-00-7 (pbk.)

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978-1-941790-01-4 (Ebook: Kindle)
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